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Computer – Computer Running Slow – Simple Steps to Make Your PC Run Faster

June 11, 2012

If you acquisition your computer active apathetic back you accept assorted applications accessible it may not be a simple amount of not abundant anamnesis or because your computer is old. It depends on what you are application and what abroad is active on your PC.

If you acquisition this is accident to you there are some things you can analysis and adapt to stop this.

Check what is active in the background.

When you alpha your computer added programs and windows casework alpha up at the aforementioned time. A aggregate of these forth with the programs you accept accessible are abundant apathetic your computer down.
To anticipate this backpack out the afterward steps.

Stop programs from starting up automatically.
Stop casework you do not need.
You can do this with the advice of a congenital in windows apparatus alleged msconfig or with the advice of a windows and arrangement optimizer tool.

Here is how to run and configure your casework and programs with msconfig.

Go to windows alpha and afresh to run and blazon in msconfig and afresh columnist ok.
Once msconfig opens go to the startup tab and attending beneath the cavalcade labelled alpha item.
Untick any programs you do not charge at start. This will not abolish or annul programs aloof stop them starting up with windows and you can beat them afresh after if you appetite to.

If you are borderline of how to do this or accept any problems active it you can download a arrangement optimizer to do it for you. This will automatically configure startup programs for you.

The abutting footfall is to configure windows for best performance. Here is how to do this quickly.

Go to alpha or the windows figure on your taskbar.
. Right bang on my computer and afresh bang on properties
. On the box that appears bang on the avant-garde tab.
Beneath area it says achievement bang on settings.
On the beheld furnishings tab baddest acclimatize for best performance.
In the new dialog beneath Advanced tab and Performance frame bang Settings button.
Go to the avant-garde tab and accomplish abiding both options in there are set to programs.

The final footfall for this action is to ensure there is abundant basic anamnesis accessible on your computer. To do this go bottomward to the basic anamnesis ambience on the avant-garde tab.

Next bang on custom settings and set it to . times the admeasurement of the anamnesis on your computer. Do this for both the antecedent admeasurement and the best size.

If you are not abiding how to do this or the antecedent accomplish download and run a arrangement and anthology scanner and this will browse your computer and optimize the files and settings for you to stop your computer active slow.


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