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Digital – How to Install a Digital TV Converter Box in Your RV

June 12, 2012

Recently I was asked the afterward question. I charge to install a Agenda TV Advocate Box in my RV. Does it go on the television or does it affix to the Video Distribution Center Box that allows me to about-face my TV’s from satellite/antenna and or cable

ANSWER Here is the advice you charge to install a Agenda TV Advocate Box In Your RV

What You Charge To Do Afore Installation

If you accept bent that your RV’s TVs do not accept agenda tuners again you will charge Agenda TV Advocate Box and one added breadth of cable length of cable depends on far the TV is activity to be from the DTV Advocate Box for anniversary TV. If you accept a VCR that does not accept a agenda TV tuner again you will charge a advocate box and added breadth of cable for that as able-bodied more on this later .

When purchasing the advocate boxes accomplish abiding that they accommodate the advantage of Analog Canyon Through. Analog Canyon Through allows analog signals to canyon through the Agenda TV Advocate Box aback it is angry off. If you are absorbed up to cable at an RV park or if you appetite to watch a video or DVD the advocate box should be angry off not unplugged so that the analog arresting will Canyon Through the advocate box anon to your TV.

If you do not get a Agenda TV Advocate Box with Analog Canyon Through you will accept to install A/B switches and basically be creating an accession daydream for yourself.

Things You Charge To Accept Afore Installation

Most RVs accept a video about-face box with buttons and/or knobs which allows you to accept altered video sources for anniversary of the TVs in your RV. These boxes alter from architect to manufacturer. But usually you accept choices such as Antenna Cable VCR DVD Satellite etc.

On the aback of the Video About-face Box you will acquisition a lot of cables advancing into the box and abrogation the box do not let these cables alarm you. We will alone be afraid about the cables abrogation the Video About-face Box that are activity anon to the TVs in your RV.

IMPORTANT NOTE Do not install the Agenda TV Advocate Box on the cable activity from your RV’s Antenna to the Video About-face Box. Depending on the blazon of antenna your RV has there could be volts active through that cable and it will fry the Agenda TV Advocate Box the minute you about-face it on.

Depending on how the Video About-face Box is installed on your RV you may accept to alpha affective things about to get to the aback of the box breadth all of those cables are located. Due to altered configurations in anniversary RV I can’t acquaint you how adamantine or how attainable it will be to get to these cables on the aback of the Video About-face Box.

The aback of video about-face box will accept labels on anniversary of the cables that are either activity in or advancing out. The cables you are attractive for are activity anon to your TVs they will accept labels such as TV Out TV Out etc. or To TV To TV etc. or TV TV etc. Again the labeling will alter by manufacturer. The Agenda TV Advocate Box will be installed on the cable arch to your TV from the Video Switching Box. Breadth you put the Agenda TV Advocate Box on this cable depends on breadth the TV is absolutely located.

The Agenda TV Advocate Box should be installed appropriate abutting to the TV that you are activity to be application it on. Agenda TV Tuner Boxes appear with alien controls to bureaucracy the box and change the channels. So if you are installing the Agenda TV Advocate Box on the TV in the bedchamber amid at the aback of the RV you do not appetite to accept the Agenda TV Advocate Box at the advanced of the RV. Remember the Agenda TV Advocate Box has to be acquainted into electricity to work.

Installation Of The DTV Advocate Box

OK now comes the fun allotment absolutely installing the Agenda TV Advocate Box on your TVs. Depending on how attainable the cable arch to your TV is will actuate how attainable the accession will be. Here are the food you will charge to complete the job for anniversary TV.

. Agenda TV Advocate Box.

. added breadth of TV cable length of cable is based on how far abroad the Agenda TV Advocate Box is from the TV . You should accept abundant cable to ability the aback of the TV from the aback of the Agenda TV Advocate Box.

Usually the TV amid in the advanced of the RV is the easiest to install. If the advanced TV is amid appropriate abutting to the Video About-face Box again all you accept to do is abolish the cable that is arch to that TV from the aback of the Video About-face Box and attach that cable on the TV Out anchorage on the aback of the Agenda TV Advocate Box. Now booty the added cable you accept and affix it to the TV out anchorage on Video About-face Box and affix the added end to the Antenna In Anchorage of the Agenda TV Advocate Box.

Now we get to the assignment accelerated allotment of the installation. If your RV has a TV in a bedchamber amid at the aback of the coach you may accept to do some digging to get to the cable that is absorbed up to the aback of the TV. In best cases the TV is congenital into a cabinet. Your assignment is to get to the aback of the TV to get admission to that cable. I am not activity to try to acquaint you how to booty the TV out of the cabinet because the way they are installed varies by the blazon and archetypal of your RV.

Once you get to that cable on the aback of the TV the absolute accession is simple. Abolish the cable from the aback of the TV and attach it to the Antenna In anchorage on the DTV Advocate box and booty the added cable and attach it to the Out To TV anchorage on the DTV Advocate Box. The added end of the cable gets absorbed up to the Cable In or Antenna In anchorage of the TV.

Special agenda on VCRs

You can angle up a DTV Advocate Box to your RV’s VCR but you absolutely should not do it as the VCR will be bound in its operation. The VCRs congenital in tuner will be abortive and recording programs will crave that you use the DTV Advocate Box to manually change to the approach you appetite recorded. With the amount of the DTV Advocate Box actuality from . and up you can get a acceptable VCR with a congenital in agenda tuner for the aforementioned price.

Setup And Operation Of The DTV Advocate Box

Now that the adamantine allotment is done the bureaucracy and operation of the DTV Advocate Box is almost simple. If my instructions abash you you can consistently accredit to the owner’s chiral that came with your Agenda TV Advocate Box. Here are the accomplish you charge to chase to get your tuner set up.

. Plug the DTV Advocate Box into electric you would be afraid at how abounding problems action aback this aboriginal footfall is not followed .

. On the DTV Advocate Box should be a about-face that allows the box to address a account to your TV either on approach or . If you cannot acquisition this switch accredit to the owner’s manual.

. About-face on the DTV Advocate Box.

. Now about-face on your TV and tune it to the approach you chose in footfall .

. You should now see a card on your TV screen. The card will alter by DTV Advocate Box Manufacturer. If you do not see a picture ask yourself the afterward questions. Is the DTV Advocate Box acquainted in and angry on Is the TV acquainted to the appropriate channel Do I accept the Video About-face Box set to Antenna for this TV

. Now that you accept a account you charge to run a approach autoscan application the alien ascendancy for the DTV Advocate Box acquisition the Approach Autoscan Option. Again accredit to your DTV Advocate Box User’s manual if you cannot acquisition this option.

Important Reminder Every time you go to a new breadth and use your RV antenna you will charge to use the approach autoscan advantage to acquisition the channels in that area. Also affective your RVs antenna about could advice you acquisition added channels. Some of the DTV Advocate Boxes accept congenital in arresting backbone indicators. Move your RV antenna until you get the arch signal.

. Once the autoscan is done you are all set. You can now use the DTV Advocate Box Alien Ascendancy to accept the channels you appetite to watch or accept added options from the advantage menus. Depending on the cast of DTV Advocate Box you bought you ability accept a ton of added options you can accept from to enhance your TVs picture resize the account to fit your TVs screen enhance the complete on your TV etc. Accredit to the Owner’s Chiral for your DTV Advocate Box for what options are available.

Special Note Aback you are not application the antenna to appearance TV. About-face the DTV Advocate Box off do not unplug it so that the analog TV Canyon Through is activated that way you can use the TV to appearance Videos DVDs Cable like you did afore you installed the DTV Advocate Box. Remember you accept to change the antecedent for that TV at the Video Antecedent Selector Box in your RV.

I appetite you to apprehend the Analog Canyon Through area of your DTV Advocate Boxes Owner’s Manual so you accept how it works on your accurate box.

Hopefully this has helped you get your RV bureaucracy to accept Agenda TV.

Happy RVing


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