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Iphone – iPhone 4S: Features and Challenges

June 14, 2012

Since its launch the iPhone S has aggregate a alloyed bag of reviews. While some were aghast with the aforementioned old looks missing NFC no G connectivity the others could not stop talking about the new eyes and Siri. However there are a acceptable cardinal of users who accept bought this Apple accessory for the added accepted Android accessories like Samsung Galaxy S Motorola Droid Razr etc. This column highlights why you charge buy the iPhone S and be acquainted of any associated challenges.

Unlike some of the accepted hot affairs Android phones the iPhone S runs on the latest iOS software. Some of its key appearance and applications are A bifold processor Siri iCloud abutment for bifold bands an Megapixel camera over-the-air iOS upgrades etc. The iPhone S is additionally the aboriginal all-around smartphone appear by Apple. It works on both the telecom bands – GSM and CDMA. In animosity of accepting a cord of signature features it does affectation some challenges for users and enterprises. Some of them are

  1. Data Accident from iCloud Users can abundance their accessory abstracts on altered accessories in a centralized area in the cloud. To anticipate any arcane abstracts loss it is recommended not to upload any acute claimed and banking advice in the cloud. IT administrators can accomplish abstracts aegis in the iCloud by deploying altered accessory abstracts administration policies. However the prerequisite to adviser these acute accessories is to accept an centralized or third-party adaptable accessory managemnt MDM solution.
  2. Siri Apple has advised Siri with a acute articulation acceptance technology to admit articulation accents annihilate accomplishments babble and adapt commands after errors. Since Siri’s intelligence and articulation acceptance capabilities are abased on Apple’s back-end server its achievement is abased on the amount of the servers. Also Apple has not yet appear any APIs for app developers to accommodate Siri into new or absolute applications.
  3. Corporate Abstracts Leakage Many action users may advisedly or aback booty photographs of important abstracts or designs or allotment acute accumulated abstracts with the alfresco apple over iMessage. Thus IT administrators charge analyze the abeyant threats brainwash the advisers of smartphone behavior and implications on actionable them arrange capital accoutrement or MDM solutions in the basement to ascendancy the abstracts loss.

Furthermore enterprises and users may feel anxious about actuality abounding with continued and big-ticket buzz bills and abundant abstracts adrift charges. Using an MDM solution enterprises may appoint abstracts acceptance behavior for altered accessories to accelerate warnings back a user alcove his abstracts limit. If required enterprises may additionally arrange a adaptable amount administration band-aid to clue and administer the adaptable expenses. Check


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